Ultimate guide to get youwin awards 2015-2020 -step by step process

Ultimate guide to get youwin awards 2015-2020 -step by step process

What is youwin? Or www.youwin.org.ng?young entrepreneurs now have startup guides that befits them getting grants to start up or expand their business

Are you  thinking of the youwin application for 2015,2016,2017 or 2018 and beyond? This project is a scheme set up by the government in relation with other partners and stakeholders. The youth enterprise with innovation (youwin!)youwin nigeria nigeria

The president of Nigeria Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has ensured that this youth with innovation enterprise scheme a.k.a youwin project comes to fruition. I have dedicated this site to ensuring that the youth business entrepreneur are motivated to successfully get the awards because I know that youwin winners are going to be on the increase. The previous youwin winners are also doing their best to ensure that everyone will not only apply but also submit their youwin application.

This blog post will show you exactly how to get the youwin N10 million grant awards organized by the federal government of Nigeria.


Who may register?







register for youwin nigeria

You must be between the ages of 18 – 40 years.

It means you must be a man.(joking)

you need to be able to face competition in anything you are  doing.

This means that all youths who are still undergraduates and those who have completed their degree programs will qualify as long as you are within the age bracket. I believe that this youth business scheme in Nigeria will continue for 2015, 2016, 2017 2018 and up till 2020.

This is good news. During the first cycle , about 100,000 youths registered . Although it was only about 25,000 that submitted their business plan. Read my article on youwin application here.


How do you apply- what’s the application process?

There is a step by step approach for this . Firstly, its registration is free. You need not pay any amount. You can get the latest youwin news on this blog here or at their website on www.youwin.org.ng.


You will only fill the necessary details about yourself. Remember that you must have an email address. This email address will be used to send you periodic information about your submission. if you have never gotten an email, you may open a Gmail account here.

Youwin login information

Keep your login information safe. Your youwin login information are the email address you used when you applied and the password you entered. I encourage you to write them in your personal diary. This is how the login page looks like. See image of youwin login below.

youwin nigeria



The ultimate guide dissected- step by step approach

Find a profitable and scalable business

I have heard aspiring entrepreneur say they have found lucrative business idea. You should always ask. Is my business profitable?

By this, i mean; is money being made there? Look for other business owners and find out if they are really making money.

I like to look for r a business where existing owners are making millions. This will guarantee that one day, I will make that much or more.

You have so many gifts in you. Do not chicken out to choose a business where you will struggle.

You don’t want to struggle to make profit do you?

I have carefully written a piece on how you can find profitable ideas. You can check it out here.

Let the business idea sink

Let the idea sink. Let it rest for sometimes. Think it over and over again.

You don’t want to mumble words when someone asks you a question relating to the business you want to do.

Many people are only concerned about getting the money.

They want to be a youwin winner.

There is nothing wrong being a winner in this youth business scheme organized by the federal government of Nigeria.

Before this will happen, why not plan and prepare for it.

Sleep over the business idea for two weeks.

Don’t rush into conclusion. Let it enter your heart.

Be sure it is what you have settled to do.

No one should force a business on you because of money.

Find a business idea and let it sink.

If you are not satisfied, then pick another business.


Find your competitive advantage.

Your competitive advantage is what keep you in the business.

What is a competitive advantage?

It what will make me buy from you when there are other sellers selling the same product.

There is a guy that sells pepper where I live. I usually buy from him. The reason is that I love his manliness. He is simple and honest. The other sellers have more pepper than him but I still prefer his own.

I have sometimes bought from the competitor but later regretted it.

He does not know why I buy from him but..

So you competitive edge is the reason why we should do business from you.

Find it out before you open shop.

Do begin a ‘me too’ business. Be different. I talked more about it in this post.

Read more.

Start small and raise the initial capital

You will love my article on how to start a small business from scratch.

Anyway for the purpose of this youth business project, look for a business you would employ more people.

You will be asked in the youwin interview. The panel of the youwin interview will ask you how many people you will employ.

So therefore, if you are going to employ people, then consider it during your research.

Otherwise begin small.

You can start a business using your home address. Right there in your house.

But I advise you to go ask for the amount of renting a shop or office.

Find out the cost.

For the youwin project, you need to rent a place or an office.

For your startup with little capital, please use your house.

Get a copy of a business plan

A business plan is not a guarantee of business success. It’s a guide and map.

Please get a copy of the youwin business plan.

You can download it on this website here.

There are many aspect of the business plan that requires attention.

Again certain things you need to consider before the youwin application submission.

Go through the business plan taking notes

After you have downloaded the business application

Spend some time to go through it.


Avoid common youwin mistakes

You may allow someone to guide you through the planning process. This is the recommended approach.

No one should write a business plan and hand I over to you. I may be a shortcut but its will eventually lead to failure. Avoid rushing to apply. There are many years ahead. Plan pray and prepare.

Launch out for your initial research

Visit other businesses

Do not stay in a corner and say that you have carried

Research of the nature of the business you really want to go into. Adequate research usually brings out lots of hidden cost and threats. These are the things you will discover which might not have been considered.

Find a mentor- the reason why

You need a mentor. A coach. I understand that not everyone would get one but it still a necessity. What he does is to guide you through the whole process. Same with what I am doing at his site. Without a mentor, you will do the whole on your own. There were some who succeeded without a mentor. Having a mentor increases you chances of getting the youth enterprise wit innovation scheme awards.

Prepare for the interview questions

Several interview questions will be asked when you qualify for the initial selection. The purpose of these is to ensure that candidates who applied are ready to start. They want to know if you know what you are saying . people can apply for com

Be honest

Be hardworking

Be the mover

Register your business with the CAC Nigeria

Registering a business with the corporate affairs commission in Nigeria is a fairly easy process. I have detailed this process in one of my post. Read more info about business name

Pray and prepare

Don’t even think of opening shop if you have not believed that there are forces against your idea . I have seen a lot of things happen to other entrepreneurs and they are my lessons.

Pray, fast and pray again.

Ask simple questions

Finalize the business plan

Look at the executive summary

Get your records straight

How many people will you employ in a month, six months?

A micro enterprise will employ 6-10

A small business will employ 30-60 persons

A large business will employ about 100-100,000.

Rejoice with the winners

Youwin nigeria winners know that its worth the effort. You need to dream big to be among the youwin winners.if for any reason you were never selected, then you should begin the business and plan for next cycles of 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018,2019,2020.

Start your business today from scratch.

Now that you have all about the youwin, when do you think you may now begin your business from scratch

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youwin Sample plan-how to fill Business Application

Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria


youwin Sample plan-how to fill Business Application

how to fill the youwin application form

if you have applied for youwin Nigeria entrepreneurship grant before, you will discover that its not easy filling the application form.

in this post. i have a task to explain every aspects of the form and how you can successfully fill it.



 this is the first column. you need to describe the type of business you want to get into.you are only given twenty words. here is an example.

my business is a daycare centre where parents love to keep their children and which will be the best.

Describe your business

Words used: 0/20

Select your industry-sector

you will be given an option to select the industry where your plan business belong. choose from any of the listed below.

Select an Option


  • Animal farming
  • Crop farming
  • Food & Restaurant
  • Building and Construction materials
  • Chemicals, industrial materials
  • Clothing, shoes and other personal items
  • Equipment, Machinery, Metal
  • Food and Drinks
  • Furniture, Wood Products
  • Others
  • Other (Specify)
  • Retail
  • Accounting, Finance and Management
  • Auto, electronics, others
  • Cleaning
  • Education
  • Engineering, Building and Construction
  • IT and Telecommunication
  • Legal
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Medical
  • Other Professional
  • Personal/Beauty
  • Transport

Other sector- if the entrepreneur could not find any business category , you are permitted to enter the  presumed category in a box known as other.

Marketing- here are the question to fill here.

What benefits of the product or service enables your business to stand out from your competitors?  i wrote an article on branding.read it here.they want you to tell them the benefit that your product will serve to your customers. let me put it this way.

if you want to sell bread, there are already lots of people selling bread as a business. why should we buy from you?

what makes your own different from others?

so begin to say why people need to patronize your products.

for example,

you need me as a content maker and online book publisher because i follow instructions o the letter. again ,i do more than you pay for.

Does this meet a particular need or demand (your competitive advantages, if any)?

what they ask you here is that you should tell us if people need it. so how will you know?

just check if there are three or more people doing the same business profitably.

if someone is already making money then this means that you have a chance.

Name five of your existing or expected top customers, How will you attract these customers to your point of sale?

very simple question. you want to sell garri at wholesale.who are those you will sell to?

traders who buy at retail

shop owners

consumers who buy in bags

supermarket stores who sell food items

market women who form large groups and pull their money together



name five customers who will patronize you.



How many new, full-time (or equivalent) staff will be employed in the business 12 months from receiving the first stage award?

 do not joke with this question. you will not be given 10 million for joke. who are  you going to employ. how many hands? how much will you pay them in a years time? do this aspect carefully.

Describe the benefit you and your proposed staff will bring to the business, including: expertise, track record in the Industry and management experience


tell us what these staff will contribute to he business. will they contribute their intelligence , enery and strenght or will they contribute man power only?

Name your three largest existing/expected competitors. Which, if any, have a localised presence or distributor network?

 do not be afraid of competition as this is normal. find out those who are already doing the business. they are your direct competitors.

example is a farm business.

competitors include- Abiola farms ltd, becky animal farms, vinin poultry house, etc. these are your competitors. they may be more or less. look around for them.

Describe the materials you will need to create your product or service. Are these materials readily available, at the right price and quantity, in your locality? If yes, please describe any relevant information


 what do you need to put in place to make your first money. if you are into sachet water production as listed on my post here you need machines and water storage facilities.

if you want to establish a computer center, you need computers, a space for office, printer, classroom materials like boards, etc.

just name all ypuu need to begin and make the first sale.

Is there an existing or expected lead time for manufacture, set-up, harvest or breeding? If yes, give estimated lead times for each product?

they want to know how long it will take you to produce a product or render a service. state the time here.

What risks or challenges might affect the success of your business, including: licences and accreditation (what can stop you from making this business a success)? How will you reduce or mitigate these risks?

 what can affect your business badly? tell the truth. it could be electricity or seasonal fluctuation or finance.


What are your current and expected sales within the next 12 months (units and income) ? If there is any seasonality, please explain

 starting a new business when investors are going to put in the fund is a serious thing.

.be careful . do over estimate. be moderate here.


What amount of sales, in Naira per month, must you achieve to reach profitability?Amount in Naira, enter numbers only; if none, enter: 0

 do a simple calculation.

example is if i sell 100 crates per week, then in a years time, it would amount to 700,000 million. (this is just an estimate)

When do you expect to achieve this (how many months after receiving your first grant award)?

think. i say think. do not plan to over promise.


How much money (Naira) do you want from YouWiN? (₦10m maximum)Amount in Naira, enter numbers only; if none, enter: 0

 state any amount between one and ten million

Break this figure down into relevant categories. Note: a maximum 40% of the total award is usually allotted to Capital equipment, as the remainder of the award must be sufficient to fund operational expenses of a growing business.

Capital equipment (e.g. machinery, land, building)

Amount in Naira, enter numbers only; if none, enter: 0

Operating expenses (e.g. wages, raw materials, stock)Amount in Naira, enter numbers only; if none, enter: 0

Other (e.g. pre-start. set-up costs, accreditation)

Amount in Naira, enter numbers only; if none, enter: 0



What is the minimum equipment cost that is necessary to commence trading or expand your business.Amount in Naira, enter numbers only; if none, enter: 0

how much will setting up office or shop cost you?

Describe this equipment

Words used: 0/30youwin sample business plan-how to fill youwin application


How much money have you already spent on Capital equipment?Amount in Naira, enter numbers only; if none, enter: 0

How much money do you require or expect to need from other sources (i.e.: investors, bank loans, etc)Amount in Naira, enter numbers only; if none, enter: 0

State the progress of any loan application

Words used: 0/20

Describe any existing finance loans related to the business


Words used: 0/20


How much money will you or your family and friends contribute to the business in the next 12 months.

Amount in Naira, enter numbers only; if none, enter: 0

the proper thing is that you should be willing to contribute to the business.


How much money do you plan to take out of the business personally (average amount per month)?Amount in Naira, enter numbers only; if none, enter: 0

Additional Information

Please add any additional information / comments that you feel maybe relevant and useful with this application Words used: 0/100

I hereby declare that all information provided in this application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and I should be disqualified if any of the information provided is found to be false



get the youwin sample business plan here for free

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How to find a promising business idea in 24 hours or less

so you want to know How to find a promising business plan idea in 24 hours or less. well lets drive in.

finding a business idea seem like a daunting task to many. there are times when the idea juice tend to flow more than at other times. its like a running tap of water.

you need to draw from it as much as possible.


if you are really serious about finding a profitable idea in 24 hours then theres no room to be about the bush.

here are my 5 helpful tips you can steal and use over and over again.

firstly, find out what people will buy without you having to advertise

you say is this possible? yes it is.

ask the petrol sellers

ask the filling stations if they advertise fuel.

ask the fish seller

ask the paper manufacturer

ask the water manufacturer.

and so on.

the list seem to be endless.

when you need to eat, you dont look for the best restuarant,

you seek the nearest restaurant that offer good food.

the reason is that food is a necessity.

so in the next 2 hours, write on a piece of paper 15 businesses that customers will be the one to look for you whenever they need the service.

keep writing these business ideas that might come to your mind.

this is the first step to finding a business idea that will become a winner.

in the long run, if you do this exercise thoroughly, you will see 2 or 3 businesses you like among the list in your hands.


secondly , you can find a profitable ideas by checking the news.

are you surprised? don’t be. you see, there are thousands and millions that are been spent to do adverts yearly.

always keep your ears wide open for upcomig opprtunities from the government.

for example when the GSM came into nigeria, some people took advantage of it as early as possible.

what to watch ou for in the news

the budget for the year

the adverts.

the products advertised

the upcoming topics and events

the news of new establishment and company formed.

the contracts awarded and in what sector.ay and you would come up with snippets of ideas for business.


thirdly, find the problems big companies cannot  solve.

this is tricky area and you need a lot of information before you act.

look for large companies with billions of amount who spend heavily on adverts but they have problems that are yet to be resolved.

its these kind that you seek the solution to the problem.

for example, the insurance company have never been close to the average Nigerian. if i were to go into these industry, i will seek to find a way to get many people to like insurance .

the middle class will i target.


fourthly, ask yourself  for ideas. the human mind works faster when engaged. over time, has there been any business that has caught your attention?

find the ideas that have been coming to your mind. its time to dust your jotter.

put some note down and check out how to go about them.

fifthly, find businesses and companies where customers complain everytime.

yes where their is complain shows that someone is not satisfied.

this is where you come in.

examples of such types of businesses abides all around us. for example, i am yet to see any telecommunication company that has satisfied the customers . after operating for ten years in the country, we still have network issues. little wonder most of their customer care service are near death.

so this is one sector only. there are schools i never like the way they organize their teaching methods.

there are business centers that has been run in a very bad way.

can you find 7 businesses where the customers complain about the way they are treated?

i bet you can find 50 of such.

so you see that in 24 hours, you will have gotten many ideas to choose from. i hope these helps. if you have any question and comments on How to find a promising business plan idea in 24 hours or less kindly share your thoughts.



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YouWIN! Batch 4 is out apply,and prepare to win.

YouWIN! Batch 4 and launch of Small and Medium Enterprise, SME,-Growth Fund.



Do you know that YouWIN! Batch 4 have been launched the president?

President Good luck Jonathan was present in Abuja to launch the youwin batch 4 $50 million Venture Capital Fund also known as the YouWIN fund for SME at the presidential villa in Abuja. The Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (YouWIN) batch 4 programme is at its fourth cycle. Having completed the 1st , 2nd and 3rd cycle of the scheme. Its quite obvious that the goals are being met periodically and more should be expected.

The fourth cycle of the Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (YouWIN) programme is expected to support additional 1500 participants who will be given the award and support from the six geopolitical zones.

This funds he said was geared to take the businesses of those who will make the cut to the next level.

The government would work hard and ensure that more investors and sponsors alongside partners are attracted.

The fund which would be managed by independent managers will not require that you know someone before you can access it.

The winners will be selected on merit and there will not be special avours for anyone.

The president Dr. Good luck Jonathan said that over 22000 jobs have been created and 44000 more will be created. he further inspected some of the products created by the beneficiaries and noted that it was of international standard.

He was also happy with the response the Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (YouWIN) programme has received from youths all over the country.

The YouWIN! 4 will select a total of 1500 winners which would be made to receive and will be funded with between one million to ten million. From the newly launched fund.

You read on how to apply for the YouWIN batch 4 and begin early preparation towards it here.

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Register for YouWIN! .org.ng De Registration Process

How to Register for YouWIN! – De Registration Process

Do you want to register and enroll for the YouWIN! Youth business enterprise development programme.


Here is how you can do Youwin! Registration- How to applyapply youwin


  1. Areicon_r2_c33 you within the age of 18-45 years then you qualifying. This is the first step.


  1. icon_r2_c33 In order to register you must complete the application form at their site.








icon_r2_c33 After successfully completed the YOUWIN! application form , you will be able to login to the platform and download the application form from HERE

youwin registration

icon_r2_c33 You will access the YouWIN! Platform after registration and you may login as many times as you want. Keep your password safe.

icon_r2_c33 After login, you may only submit your application only once. Once submitted, you cannot retrieve or withdraw it.

icon_r2_c33 So before you login to click submit application, ensure that you have done all that is required.


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Your perfect Business plan template with concise format and analysis

Business plan template or format analysis

Are you planning to know the exact business plan template or format that you can easily adapt or use towards setting up your business? The format of writing a business plan is always the same. Before we go into the full analysis of a business plan

You need to keep in check and now what moves you, drives you and what makes the world go round for you. before you start a business , you need to get the right idea. after the ideas stage then you move to the business planning stage. understanding what a business plan is all about is the key to a successful planning.

you need to identify your customers and those you intend to serve.

Where are the people you hope to serve? What market do you intend to enter?

In the end, you need to write the step by step guide on how you intend to run the business.
You will need to have a solid plan if you want to achieve success in this market.

That is why a template can be so valuable.

business plan templates format

Experts agree that a business plan is crucial if you want to develop a quality strategy for your company. The size and niche of your operation does not matter. You need to learn how to write a business plan regardless. Small business contributes a lot to the economy. The valuable services and products they provide cannot be replaced by massive corporations. You can succeed with a small business, but you need a plan that lets you test your ideas and make major decisions for your company. People who take the time to invest in a solid plan have a far greater chance of success than those who do not plan appropriately.
what is a business plan format or template and why is it important for a business starting up?


In simple terms, a business plan template or format is a roadmap that leads you to a guided destination. Here are some other things that it does.

1.makes your business goals clearer
2. Gives you a guide map on how to run the business successfully
3. It is a template to enable you checks progress made
4. Bank loads and grants become easier to obtain

Now lets move on to the real analysis of a business plan template or format.



 Section I – Executive Summary 

1 – Executive Summary

The executive summary is an important aspect of a business plan. It is the first part to be seen by investors and read. Although when you are planning it, it is actually the last thing you will write because preliminary financial projections are written there. You need to let your expertise shine here. State the opportunity and it costs. Who are the principal people that will manage the business with you?

Finally you need to write the expected income and expenses.

 Section II – Company Overview 

2 – Company Overview

The Company Overview section provides a brief history of your company.

What kind of legal status is the supposed business taking? What is the legal entity all about. Is it a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company? Have you registered the business name with cooperate affairs commission?

 Section III – Industry Analysis 

Your Industry Analysis section has two sub-sections as follows:

3 – Market Overview
in this section if you have dome an overview of the market to determine what sells. Are you going into fishery or forestry? What is the size of the business and the size of the market? Is the market you plan getting into going up or coming down?

4 – Relevant Market Size

Market size also tells us how much you might likely earn each year. You need to multiply the price of your product by the amount of expected customers in a given year. This gives us the market size. Product price x number of customers.

 Section IV – Customer Analysis 

Your Customer Analysis section has two sub-sections as follows:

5 – Target Customers

Who are those that will patronize you? What kind of work do they do? Where do they live? The answers to this questions will determine how lucrative the business opportunity is.

6 – Customer Needs

Why should customers buy from you? What advantage do you bring to the table

 Section V – Competitive Analysis 

Your Competitive Analysis section has three sub-sections as follows:

7 – Direct Competitors

Know your enemy from the very first day . I mean already established businesses doing the same thing you want to do and are present in the same market.

9 – Competitive Advantages

Find why or the reason you opened shop otherwise , one may close shop soon. Nowadays we have so much stiff competition in every area of life. What is our advantage? Find it.

 Section VI – Marketing Plan 

The marketing plan is divided into four as follows

10 – Products & Services

List and mention all the products you offer

11 – Pricing

What are the pricing method you employ? How much will you be selling ?

12 – Promotions Plan

Are you printing flyers or doing a radio jingle? Will you go by door to door or house to house?

13 – Distribution Plan

Will you have few or many distribution channels? Mention them here

Section VII – Operations Plan

Your Operations Plan section has two sub-sections as follows:
14 – Key Operational Processes

List the daily functions you will conduct.

15 – Sure Milestones

What are the specific goals in one ,two and three years’ time you have planned to achieved?

 Section VIII – your Management Team 

Your Management Team section has three sub-sections as follows:

16 – Management Team Members

This section details the current members of your management team and their backgrounds.

17 – Management Team Gaps

If there are still qualifications or degree you want to get later , state them here.

18 – your Board Membership

This is necessary if you plan to have a board of directors.

Section IX – the Financial Planning

Your Financial Plan section has four sub-sections as follows:
19 – Revenue type Model

Do you sell product or are you rendering services? What exactly will you do to earn money? This is the right section for it.

20 –  Financial Highlights

Cash projections, working cash flow and expenses and expected income. You need to do a smooth job here even if you are not an accountant

21 – Funding Requirements/Use of Funds

How much money do you want and what do you need it for.

22 – Exit Strategy

If you are seeking investors, you need to tell them when and how the business will end or close.

how to write a cv letter that works-get the job position you seek today

 How to write a CV letter that works 

Writing a Professional Curriculum Vitae that gets you the job is not hard

Rise and take the leap show casing your innate skills. Let your voice be heard through a fantastic written CV . Writing a CV is like taking a short journey. You know the destination and you have paid the fare. Having gotten   inside the bus, you sit like a gentleman and when the time comes for you to stop; you immediately come down at your station. This is what writing a professionally accepted curriculum vitae or resume is all about except that this time, you are considered for the job you seek.

Before you begin, here where you stand and what you need to know

  1. Write the right content in your Curriculum Vitae

There is no need to buff and drag it too long. The information your CV provides should be relevant for the position you seek. Who are you and what your personal experiences in life are. How do they all add up to make you the right person for the job? Omit all information that are negative. Put down what will sell you. Yes you are involved in selling.

Every time you want to buy something, you are selling.  Choose words that sell words 

What impression do you want to leave with your potential employers? Do you want them to feel that you are begging for the job? Would you rather make them believe that you are a needed person that believes in the goals of the company and why. Your words are very powerful.


One of my mentors told me that he was thought by his class teacher that words are powerful.

This saying stuck to his mind for many years. Later on , he discovered that its not just words that are powerful, it’s the right words.

The right words are powerful.

So many people say words that can make or break them.

When it comes to CV writing, it no different. Choose words that s will sell what you offer

Avoid any manner of grammatical errors. Do many revisions and correction before you send your cv..

  1. Use a professional CV layout

Modern resume template or curriculum vitae template will begin with your name as the heading. You do not have o write curriculum vitae as the heading . pick a good CV template or download one from here.

Important questions to answer on how to write a CV

 What is a CV? 

CV means curriculum vitae, this is all about your career and what you might have done in the past. Give a brief summary of those careers or training that you think are relevant to the current job you are pursuing

There is no need to falsify any part of your CV as this might come to haunt you tomorrow and defeat the purpose of the CV.

how to write a CV

 What should my CV contain? 

A CV that shines will include any of the following –your contact details –your name, address, mobile phone number, and your email address;

  • LabelKnowledge obtained – educational or professional certifications, dates and institutions attended;
  • Your skill, competencies and creativity – tell them you can work with a team and treat customers really good. You can reverse this process by find out what they really want and stating it as one of the things you have gotten lots of experience with.
  • Share your work-related experiences –these are the periods of paid or unpaid work, and previous job taken with formers employers; one good tip is to pick a job that enhances a particular skill
  • referees – these are two respected people you now who may say something about your previous work.

It’s important that you project yourself as the perfect person for the job. Even if others are more qualified than you , it’s how you sell your skills that matters. Are you are seeking for the post of a manager, let them know you serve somewhere as a leader in your organization and the impacted and successes you achieved with how this will help the current organization. If you are going for a marketing position, you need to tell them about you marketing skills an grow you win customers over in your previous employment.





 How long should a CV be? 

There is no particular rule about the length of a CV but it can be on a single page or the front and back sides of an A4 paper.

Is it necessary to include a personal summary?

Personal summary is not essential but you can include them if you want

Should I declare a disability on my CV?

Of course you should at this time. Later on you will know how to handle this. Including a disability will almost make an opposite effect.

Do I list work experience or education first?

This depends on the CV template you are using. You can download a CV template here. Just follow the instructions on the template and you are good to go.

Are hobbies in my CV important?

It’s absolutely not necessary. But if they would sell you well to your employers then please add only the necessary hobbies

What ways should I present my CV?

Start your CV writing on a strong positive note so as to gain the attention of the recruiter. End with a fantastic closing . one other thing you should do is to use good fonts that are clear and large enough to see. Check spelt wolrd repeatedly and erase any errors here present.

If you’re not a confident speller, have your CV checked by someone you trust. Often computerized spellchecks don’t pick up every error. Make use of a good A4 paper that is clean for printing.

Can i write a cover letter?

A cover letter well written will be an added advantage.



 Hitting the ultimate goal and target 

Tip 1 – Remember the Goal

The goal of every written resume is one. To hit a particular target. This target could mean a lot to different people. Our one goal now is to be considered and called for the job.do forget that the curriculum vitae is a representative and a salesman.

Tip 2 – Your Resume is your sales person on paper

Sell what you can do .Your value and your proposition. Why should we leave other applicants and take you? Why is the right choice? no blabbing around tell us what we need to know. This is what your document has to do

Use the right words to your advantage.

Tip 3 – let the employer know you are a positive to the company

Your resume must answer your employer’s most salient question which is

What will I benefit by employing this guy?

When most people sit down to write, they only think about themselves and not their employer. Now it’s your turn to reverse the trend. I have work in organization here workers complain a lot and demand job pay increase. You want to assure your employer that he can go with you any day or time.

It’s not all about what you want or how you like the job but it s a case of what they want. Begin from now to see things differently. Set yourself up to be a success and you will truly find your path.






 Analysis and Structure of a CV? 


Curriculum Vitae must contain:

  1. Your Personal data
  2. Contact information
  3. Your Work experience (if any)
  4. Formal Educations attended
  5. The other Activities and trainings you have done
  6. Special certifications and expertise



Generally , a CV is usually written in a particular order. I will intend to analyze a sample CV an example of which you have to download here.

It may include an objective, your personal data, your academic history, your work experience, languages, your computer skills and so on. The goal section is typically optional but it is still highly recommended.

The Education Section of a cv

In education section, here you will include a history of your most recent qualifications and certifications. The institutions attended with dates.

The Experience Section of a cv

This is where you need to emphasize so many points. Where have you worked in the past and how much experience has you gotten? Ensure to list them and state the role you served and the contributions you made there. Emphasize your strong points here

The Reference Section of a CV

This section is like the conclusion of all you have been writing. You name two important referees that will speak on your person and former job style.

Go ahead and list two persons and their contact information with phone numbers.


Final clean ups to be done

Write it in English, because that’s the international language and most companies would prefer to communicate in English

-Be concise: In the personal data section, do not write all your data. Just write your full name, title, age, date of birth, sex, marriage status, current address, phone number, and email.

-Don’t make a general CV and distribute everywhere. Make a custom CV tailored specifically for the job you are applying for

-Write all your experience. Do not forget to write the description of your experience. Since you are a fresh graduate, you may not have any previous experience. But that’s not an excuse to have a blank CV. Try to include the small part time jobs you did in summer. You can also include voluntary jobs.

-Write all your qualifications: Make sure you include all the formal education as well has technical or professional courses.

-Format your CV to look neat and uncluttered

-Don’t exceed two sheets, and don’t print on both sides

-If you have participated as a volunteer in cultural clubs, local religious community, science projects, competitions or any other activities, make sure you include that.


Want a free resume writing video course? How about a system that outsmarts the competition for your dream job?






G-Win nigeria-growing girls programme step by step guide

g-win nigeria-The Federal Government of nigeria is launching the G-Win, a gender based budgeting initiative,this will help to truely plug the gap of under representation of women in viable careers and other sectors

g-win video ii

Growing Girls and Women in Nigeria – GWIN is an innovative programme, through which the Federal Government of Nigeria allocates funds to projects that specifically support the needs of marginalised girls and women.  these women needs empowerment.

The Programme was conceived by Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Nigeria’s current Minister of Finance, and Coordinating Minister of the Economy (MoF/CME), as a new response to addressing the challenges faced by girls and women in Nigeria.

In 2012, the Honourable Minister conceived an innovative programme, which became known as GWIN, and five pilot MDAs (Ministries, Departments and Agencies) were selected to participate in the Programme, which has been implemented in 2013 and again in 2014:

Agriculture and Rural Development
Communications Technology

Through the leadership of the Honourable Minister and the enthusiasm and dedication of the MDA Focal Teams, significant progress has been made which has improved the lives of girls and women in Nigeria.

i hope you enjoy the information from g-win Nigeria.this is a means of empowering women . the empowerment of women is of paramount importance to the family and to the society. don’t forget to get your free youwin business plan book on our download page. thanks



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Graduate jobs in Nigeria: 10 ways to find your dream job that pays


Graduate jobs in Nigeria: 10 ways to find your dream job that pays

Do you need a job fast as graduate jobs in Nigeria are never easy to find. There are many people seeking the same jobs from the same sources. Recently, I was seeking for a job because I had stayed a whole year without working. I decided to try something else. After a year, I read about so many mentors and successful people about the need to work while preparing you as an entrepreneur. Most of my mentors were working before they began their business. I decided to follow the same route.

After applying at a particular institution, I never knew that over 200 applications have been submitted by job seekers. I’m not a fan of too much competition. They never got back to graduate jobs in nigeriame. I was surprised. On further inquiry, I was informed from a reliable source that the application for graduate jobs was more than they had anticipated. On hearing this I knew this was the reason for not considering my application. More so, I heard it was going to be done on a ‘first come first serve’ basis.

So you see that finding your dream job is not an easy thing to do. Therefore, I have decided to share some uncommon ways of getting your dream job. Here is my top ten list of things to do.




1st way to get graduate jobs in Nigeria

Look for job sites and apply

I have a few friends who were considered for employment based on applying through different job sites. Human resource managers and employers of labour now submit their vacancy advertisement online. If you could apply online, then you may be considered for a job.

Best job sites in Nigeria

http://naijaguardianjobs.blogspot.com/ (discontinued)


2nd way to get graduate jobs


get your certificates ready

Are your certificates ready and up to date?

Certification are a must if you are serious about your dream job. I know a young man in 2014 and during our discussion, he told an incident that happened to him. He was working as a security guard somewhere. A man he has never met saw him and began asking about his welfare. After this brief introduction, the man asked him if he would like to work in a better job. He answered in the affirmative. The man then asked him what his qualification was. He said that he only has WAEC certificate result. The inquirer became disappointed. That was how he lost the opportunity.

You need to get all required certificates ready.

 Graduate jobs in Nigeria

3rd way to get graduate jobs

Seek Non-Governmental organization

Non-governmental organization popularly known as NGO as fast becoming a regular sources of employment. To be honest, I had a non-governmental organization offer me an accounting work that would pay me 120,000. I never took the offer. Reason was that I was not an accountant.

The search for NGO’s offering adequate jobs are truly on the rise. You can get a list of all Ngo in your state and apply to them stating why they should consider your application.

Learn workable skills

Skills lead ultimately to more money. Basic skills are required to work in any industry and organizations.

Learn the following skill for work

Computer skills

Communication skills

Team-building skills

Marketing skills

Writing skills

Listening skills

Leadership skills

Entrepreneurial skills

Reading skills etc.

Skills related to a trade like web designing, carpentry, snail rearing etc.

1st way to get graduate jobs

Tell more people in your contacts

You have grown over the years to meet and keep friends and know people. It’s time to let some key contacts know your fate. They need to know that you are searching for a job. My last quest in finding a job made me tell four different contacts. At the end of the day I got one. Do you want to inform 20 contacts or 2 contacts about your state? The more you tell, the more you increase your chances.

Ask family members

They are nice ,loving and caring. I have had family members seek for a job for me where I never knew it existed. Your uncles and aunty may be waiting for you at this time. They may have friend s that may have some information about the next available jobs. Do not overlook this area or medium. Ask, ask and ask you’ve got nothing to lose.

Go to the workplace

Now it’s time you take the bull by the horn. Do the needful. Get out of your house and move to business areas and environment. Go to the working area or workplace. When you arrive at business environments, you enter each office or shop and enquire if you can submit your application. Some of them will accept it promising to call you back. Others will not accept it but a few will actually consider it.

Wait for Gods help

Let the king of kings put a hand in your job search. Do no pay anyone any money to give you a job. Pray and fast for it. Give your due offerings.

Go will see you through. I prayed for three months and forgot about the job. I got the job after that period. God is faithful.

Give something

When I get my salary, thought it was tithes and offering that was important.

God told me personally that I must go beyond that. He said that was why he provided a job for me. So many people never knew why he gave them their jobs.


What will you give? Can you give to someone today?


Answer interview question papers

Finally, you need to answer interview questions or similar interview examinations. Find out if you are going to have oral or written interview questions.

Most interviews which job seekers do are usually similar in nature.


I hope this top ten list of graduate jobs in Nigeria helps you. What do you think ? kindly share your thoughts.